About Alexis

You can visit me at my North Berkeley location for acupuncture, Tui Na, cupping, and moxa. We accept most insurance.

Alexis Calcaño
Doctor in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM), L.Ac., MSOM
Medical Residency at the Department of Integrated Medicine at Highland Hospital
alexiscalcanot [at] gmail [dot] com
(510) 384-8570



Here are a few of the reviews my patients have posted about me on Yelp.


"Alexis is a sensitive practitioner whose approach to healing is based on the understanding that the whole person has to be considered and worked with in order to be effective. He has helped me with digestion issues, and chronic muscular shoulder tension which was caused by a car accident. He is very knowledgeable about issues facing an older client like me. My shoulder is healing and he gives excellent nutritional counseling as well. Just spending time in his beautifully decorated office brings one peace of mind!"

Dorothea D.
Albany, CA



"Alexis is by far the best acupuncturist I have had. Alexis shows a treasure trove of knowledge about physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness through his skilled massage and needling, Alexis also prepares quality natural teas (medicine).  He shares his depth of knowledge of how specific foods assists in balancing body, mind, and soul.  Alexis gives each treatment everything he's got, which includes his utmost attention and energy.  He has skilled hands in his practice of both acupuncture and massage.  His experience of being a well-seasoned rock climber has no doubt honed his attention to detail and skillful hands.  Seeing Alexis augments my harmonious existence with the world.  His treatments are effective and enjoyable.  I am glad, relieved, and honored to his patient."

Rebecca E.
Berkeley, CA



"Alexis is great! I am never thrilled about the idea of getting needled, but Alexis has a gentle approach that leaves me feeling calm and healed of whatever ailment I am being treated for that day. He is truly concerned with his patients' well being and does everything within his power and expertise to bring wholeness to those he treats."

Francie M.
Berkeley, CA



"I almost didn't start working with Alexis because he is located in Berkeley, and I'm in San Francisco. Alexis has helped me with hand pain that resulted from too much typing. Acupuncture did actually help me with this, unlike stretching, strengthening, or long typing vacations. And I wouldn't trust surgery since it doesn't always work. Since working with him my pain has gone away and does not come back unless I spend too much time at the computer (in which case I visit him again). I would highly recommend you work with him."

David T.
San Francisco, CA


Text or call (510) 384-8570 to book an appointment.

You can visit me at Berkeley Massage and Acupuncture. We're located in the Gourmet Ghetto in North Berkeley.  Credit cards are accepted. We accept most insurance.

1533 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94709
between Cedar St & Vine St