What can Acupuncture do for painful menstruation?

Painful menstruation is a very common condition, especially in young women of child-bearing age. Oriental Medicine has been proven to be very effective in alleviating and in many cases resolving painful menstruation. This condition has higher prevalence among women in stressful jobs, and among students. In the first world; painful menstruation is higher for vegetarians and vegans. Hormonal contraceptives can be very effective to suppress pain; but they frequently come with a variety of undesirable sides effects.

Oriental medicine and acupuncture are a natural approach to reestablish balance. The medicine used is plant based, and the effect on the body is both gentle and lasting.  In many cases, a significant improvement in symptoms is experienced after the first couple of visits and after the first week of taking the herbal formula. My patients have achieved lasting results after being treated for two consecutive cycles.

Harmonizing the uterus not only resolves painful menstruation and PMS symptoms, but also improves fertility and overall well being.

Many patients ask me…

“Do I have to take Chinese formulas forever?”

No, Oriental Medicine addresses the root of the problem. Depending on the condition, most patient experience lasting results after two to four weeks of taking the herbal formula, and about five acupuncture treatments. 

“Is the Chinese medicine going to interfere with my other medications?”

No, most formulas are very harmonized and balanced, there are a few interactions with some medications, but they are very rare.

“Are Chinese formulas expensive?”

Most formulas cost between $20 and $35, and each formula lasts around eight days.

“Are these formulas addictive?”

Many patients have the idea that because we are dealing with pain, these formulas may contain opioids or another form of pain medication such as allopathic medications. This is not true—Chinese formulas do not have addictive ingredients. Also the formulas used in gynecology are made with plant based ingredients, which make it compatible with vegan and vegetarian patients.

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Alexis Calcaño
Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DAOM)
Licensed Acupuncturist (LAc)
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